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We are all in this together. At times we find inspiration to make changes in our lives through the eyes of another. Likewise, we can be inspired by making a difference in the lives of  others. This is an ongoing collection of  that inspiration, helping us all get involved!

April 2021

Make your own Kombucha in Mason Jars.

Kombucha is trendy and popping up everywhere. If you drink it regularly, then you know that buying it by the bottle can add up quickly. So, why not make your own?

Find it in the fermentation section.

mason jar.png
March 2021

Bridging the gap between wellness & convenience.

One bottle at a time

Everyone knows they should be drinking more water. Dehydration prevents weight loss, zaps your energy and impacts your health. It’s a problem for many people.

With the DYLN Bottle we created a solution to all of these problems. Your water is always with you, your water tastes better and it hydrates you better than regular water.

February 2021

Our inspiration for February 2021 comes from a 12-week yoga challenge put together by Zoe Bray-Cotton. Zoe is an internationally certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and body transformation specialist to over 1 million people around the world. 

It can all be done from home too!

January 2021

Our inspiration for January 2021 comes from the young women of Cameroon, Africa. The critically-acclaimed novel "Rebuke the Wind"  is a fictional story about a young African girl from Sahel named Isa who has been kidnapped by the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram. "Rebuke the Wind" is a testament of courage that sheds light on the nuanced and mostly invisible atrocities enacted for over twenty years by terrorists in the region. Written by Trip Mackinstosh, an internationally recognized lawyer who specializes in counter-terrorism and has first hand experience with life in Cameroon, Africa. - All proceeds from the sale of this novel go directly to  Social Development International (SODEIT), a non-profit social development and relief organization based in Cameroon to support the young women of Sahel. Every book purchase is a contribution to this charity. 

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