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The Wholesale Home of the Domo Family of Brands

DOMO™ Teas

All of our tea mixes start with a micro-ground, real-tea base. The entire leaf along with the other ingredients, dissolve in hot water. This provides an increased nutritional benefit without bags, diffusers thus reducing waste and clean up. They're also delicious! We have 5 tea blends and 3 sugar-free, pure teas and blends. We use Matcha, Black and naturally caffeine-free Rooibos micro-ground tea bases. No extracts. No GMOs, fillers, dairy, preservatives or chemical agents are in our products.

Our line up includes:

  • Vanilla Matcha (Green Matcha Tea base)

  • Earl Grey London Fog (Black Tea base)

  • Authentic Chai (Black Tea base)

  • Sweet Dreams Turmeric (Rooibos Tea base)

  • Elixo Cold Blaster Cayenne Citrus Tea (Rooibos Tea base)

Our 'Pure' sugar & sweetener-free teas & blends:

  • Pure Japanese Matcha

  • Pure London Fog

  • Pure Chai


COCO™ Vegan Hot Chocolates

Our line of Hot Chocolates features raw cacao along with a natural non-GMO cocoa base and organic cane sugar. Made with only natural ingredients you can pronounce, it is rich and smooth. No dairy, preservatives or chemical agents.

We have 3 varieties:

  • Original

  • Salted Caramel

  • Peppermint 


SWIG™ Iced Teas

Unlike traditional iced-tea mixes, our line of iced-teas contains no extracts. Instead, they contain the same real, stone-ground tea bases. This is unique to SWIG. Along with superfood ingredients, there are no GMO ingredients, preservatives, dairy or chemical agents. Our 3 flavors include:

  • Raspberry Rooibos

  • Ginger Peach (Black tea)

  • Vanilla Mint Matcha

LEMN™ Superfood Lemonades

Superfood Lemonade. Sounds good, right? This all-natural, lemonade blend is perfect for hot, lazy afternoons. Carefully crafted with the best quality organic ingredients, it’s easy to make and a fun ingredient for inventing exciting new summer cocktails. These tasty quenchers are available in:

  • Original Lemonade 

  • Blue Magic Lemonade

  • Matcha Lemonade 

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